Fabio was once in my Bed!

Recently, Huffington Post had an article in the Books section about book covers.  Before e-readers some people were embarrassed to pull out their romance novels with their half-naked man and woman gracing the front.  With e-readers people no longer have to deal with this.

But one thing I loved about those covers was how tacky, horrible and every other negative reaction they caused but they also caused laughs.  I have more than a few that are just horrible.  Some of the worst is where the hero is dark haired but on the cover is the blond Viking god.  Most of the eighties cover could induce vomiting but the whole decade was pretty bad.  Though I have photographic proof that I was a trend slave. 

Fabio in his Romance Cover Fabulousness

One good thing is no matter how distasteful and tacky the covers are, they are entertaining and inside those flaps exist some great romantic tales.  And that’s all a reader wants.

So if you have a few horrible covers,  please share.


1 thought on “Fabio was once in my Bed!”

  1. Great post. I, too, feel a bit uncomfortable when I whip out my latest read while in public. I read everywhere I go, in between classes, on the bus, while shopping for groceries with my grandmother (she takes ages to decide which brand of mayo to get, so I get a few chapters in, lol). Recently on a food shopping trip, I was reading 'Let It Be Love' and it was like the stepback cover was blown up and pasted on the back. Guy and Girl tangled in silky red sheets and completely naked. I use different odds and ends as book mark, and thankfully, I had a christmas card to censor most of the backcover…there was NO hiding it though! lol. "In Your Arms Again' by Kathryn Smith is another one. I have/had both in hardcover so it was large and in charge! lol!


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