Yeah, I heard it before (Worse writing advice this #MFRW author heard)


If you are anything like me then you have received a great deal advice in your life—Some of it good, some of it bad, some unwanted and others much desired. One piece of writing advice that was the worst for me was “write what you know.

NO! I do not want to write what I know.

Writing for me is about escape into another life, world, person. I read that way too. I want to experience so many lives—the hopes, the loves, the aches and the dreams.

What I know is my everyday life and while some people love to explore everyday reality,  that is not my thing. I want to fall in love with the handsome duke, dance at the ball, and be a lady-in-waiting to a Tudor queen.

What is the worst advice you received? Do share so we can complain about it then stick out our tongue at it.

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4 thoughts on “Yeah, I heard it before (Worse writing advice this #MFRW author heard)”

  1. I totally agree. I write fantasy and always try to make my world real to take my readers out of their normal lives. If we only write what we know, there would be mages to hang out with or dragons to fly with. No new universes to explore.


  2. As long as you research what it means to be a lady-in-waiting to a Tudor queen, then you’re writing what you know! LOL Thanks for the great advice! I, too, read (and write) to escape reality… or at least rewrite it to suit my own ideas of a HEA.


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