Yesterday, Erica Kane saved my life…

Much like other people, I was raised watching soap operas. Through college when I should have been in class or studying, I wasted my time watching All My Children. After a few years, I finally beat my addiction and ceased stressing out and grumbling back at the television. Yes, I found my sanity.

     But since Thanksgiving, I’ve returned to watching my favorite soap. And it has saved my sanity. Books have always been an escape along with writing but with the craziness surrounding us, I wanted another time where the real world ceased. So, I returned to Pine Valley. The tension filled story lines helped me see conflict better and helped improve my writing. Can I write off a state of the art television as a writing expense? Just joking IRS. Also, it’s the best trip outside the library or the real ones that involves going through security.

I proudly admit it–I’ve fallen. For now, I have no plans to wean myself off. After all, the crazed world of Erica, Adam, J.R. and Tad are helping me keep my sanity.


Sexy Geek…Not as Elusive as believe

Many variations of heroes exist within the boundaries of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. The first one studied is the SEXY GEEK.

You might spot this man with his glasses, the latest gadget, and a dog-eared book* tucked in his pocket [*may be a computer mag].

His personal style can be wide ranging from Star Trek T-shirts, untucked button-down shirts to crewneck sweaters.  However, he possesses an easy style that isn’t necessarily sloppy. 

This man pursues intellectual pursuits include reading, artist endeavors or various other disciplines that include the sciences.  If this lovely man is snagged and tagged, your days would be filled with mind-stimulating conversations or perhaps just plain old fun.  The nights would include curling up with a book, you in a T-shirt and him in his boxers that show off his fit physique [since he knows the importance of caring for his body] and when he slips off his glasses and places them on the bedside that’s when the lovemaking begins.  After all, he is SEXY.

The Sexy Geek can laugh at himself [see below video] and display emotions that women seek without being clingy or weak.  He helps you develop and grow as a woman.  You are stimulated in every way that matters to a heroine.  It’s very likely that you will learn something new.

The best way to approach the Sexy Geek is with a simple hello when found in Apple Stores, bookstores or coffeeshops though the latest fashion is to be the Sexy Geek, you might find an impostor. However, there are many to be found within the world.  

Examples of these SEXY GEEKS

James Franco–UCLA graduate and now enrolled in Columbia.

Matt Damon– Harvard University, Academy Award Winner for GOOD WILL HUNTING and 2007 People’s Sexiest Man Alive

Zachary Quinto– Graduate of Carnegie Mellon and this generation’s SPOCK

New Year, New Post

     I’ve been lax with my postings, not having written one since Halloween.  I would like to say that I didn’t have the time but the truth was I didn’t have the heart.  Since my grandmother’s death in October, my juices needed to be recharged.  However, I don’t think grief was the only reason because stories still raced through my head.  I can’t really pinpoint why I didn’t give my blog the attention it deserved.   The worst part of this whole ignoring-my-blog-thing was that I vowed when I started not to let it fall forgotten on the roadside of the super highway.

     So much for that.

     However, it’s a new year and a new look for my blog.  Does that mean that I’m changed?  No way in cyberspace.  For me, midnight came on Jan. 1 and I felt that rush of emotion at the new year and the hope and promise that awaited and bittersweetness at what had been left behind.  Then a couple hours after midnight [as I stayed up watching Doctor Who] the air around me felt like any other day.  So this year, there will be no resolutions.  I refuse to start the year trying to change who I am or making useless vows that will be forgotten by January 6.

     I’m just going to keep being me.  After all, I have people in my life who love me just the way I am.  [Much like Mark Darcy loves Bridget Jones] Oh, I’m still going after my goals and will make them happen.  But I’m not going to start exercising.  I’m not giving up chocolate.  I’m not going to go to church every Sunday. 

    If you, dear reader, have someone who loved you before Jan 1, forgot those damn resolutions because love is never wrong.  Be you! 
[Me as an M&M.  Yes, I’m wearing UGGs on the beach.]