Yesterday, Erica Kane saved my life…

Much like other people, I was raised watching soap operas. Through college when I should have been in class or studying, I wasted my time watching All My Children. After a few years, I finally beat my addiction and ceased stressing out and grumbling back at the television. Yes, I found my sanity.

     But since Thanksgiving, I’ve returned to watching my favorite soap. And it has saved my sanity. Books have always been an escape along with writing but with the craziness surrounding us, I wanted another time where the real world ceased. So, I returned to Pine Valley. The tension filled story lines helped me see conflict better and helped improve my writing. Can I write off a state of the art television as a writing expense? Just joking IRS. Also, it’s the best trip outside the library or the real ones that involves going through security.

I proudly admit it–I’ve fallen. For now, I have no plans to wean myself off. After all, the crazed world of Erica, Adam, J.R. and Tad are helping me keep my sanity.