A Farewell to my Favorite Border's

Border’s was my go-to bookstore where I can find that one jewel of a book. I always found something good, usually an obscure book or the long sought after book. Today was no different. I purchased Letter of a Woman Homestead Well this time, I didn’t lay my money down on the counter at my favorite Border’s store on Park Avenue.

My favorite Border’s is one of 200 stores being closed. In fact, I went to the store one last time. Windows were covered with Everything Must Go signs. Inside, someome still greeted you but the rest of the business was just a little different. Red signs with 20% in block white letters were pinned on top of the dark honey shelves. The same shelves were in disarray and half empty.

On the second floor, the cafe was closed. The few tables and long bar was closed. Yellow tape with caution on it was taped across the section where I had spent hours drinking coffee and working on my writings. Now that was gone.

I must admit that I purchased books. I will always remember that Border’s being there since I can never remember anything else in it’s place. Sad to see a bookstore go for what will probably be a spa or something another.

Although, I’m sad to see my favorite Border’s closing, I feel for the employees, now jobless and in this economy. I hope they find employment soon. And I feel for the bookstores that are vanishing like the malt shops of the 50s.

So please support your local bookstore, it may or may not make a difference but at least, you tried.

Did you have a favorite bookstore that closed and you miss it’s presents, if you do please share.