Alpha Female

When we think of the alpha female, the first image is the black leather clad hunter slaying vampires and other supernatural beings.  Well for me my alpha female is more based in reality.  My heroine runs an international charity and makes six-figures, owns her apartment and can buy herself all the designer stuff she desires.  That doesn’t mean she’s too tough to want a man.

My heroine, Brooke Adams, makes all the same mistakes when it comes to love–picking the wrong man and lusting after the hero, the family’s enemy. That just makes him that much more delicious.  And let’s not forget her secret baby.

For me the modern independent woman sees her femininity as a powerful tool and uses her brain and still slaps on some lipstick.  This woman, most of us, is the true alpha female.

So she’s not staking vampires but she’s bringing men to their knees with her business smarts and her killer body.  The one thing she has that does kill.