Friends have a way of changing your life.  I can’t image my life without Liz.  The girl who always has me laughing and worrying sometimes but I know she’ll always get it together.  Or my writers friends who understand the ups and downs of writing and make me feel like I found a place.  And the friends that were lost or faded away, they’ve each touched my life.
But I was wondering about the friends I would like to have.

1. Johnny Deep: Besides being great eye candy, there’s an  intelligence that I love about him. I think I might see the world different if  he were a friend.

2. Chelsea Handler from Chelsea Lately:  She’s funny and fun.  The closest I hang with her are through with her books [can’t wait for Chelsea Bang Bang] and her 11 pm show on E!

3. Karl Lagerfeld:  The man is a genius, designing for Chanel, Fendi, and his own line, as well as a photographer.  A true artist genius in two art forms I love the most. 

4. Jackie Collins:  Because I love her and she’s one of my idols.  I would love her to mentor me in writing. 

5. Victoria Beckham:  I’ve always liked her and I just bet there is something more to her.  And as a fashion designer, I can get clothes. Maybe borrow one of her many Birkin bags.

6. Tina Fey:  The woman’s funny and smart.  She’s the person you can just sit back on the sofa, munching on Cheetos while watching Kendra.  Sweats mandatory! Laughter always.

7. Pink:  The woman ROCKS!! If I hadn’t been a fan since her first album I would have been after that Grammy performance.  She writes her song, which she pours her heart into.  Her voice and talent is long-lasting.  Love a tough woman who doesn’t lose her femininity.  And my favorite color is Pink. 

8. Amy Poehler:  She get you in a little bit of trouble– not the need-to-get-bail-out kind but you might be banned from a few bars.  Each of us need a friend that will push to enjoy life. And to think when you need a friend to lean on, she show you the fun side of the life.  She’ll have your back.

9. Graham Norton:  The funny Irishman is the best. Hey I love to laugh.  He’ll say something raunchy and probably blame it on you.  But you’ll be snorting your drink through your nose so you won’t care.

10. Eli Roth:  One reason only–friends sometimes fall in love.  Could it happen between us. Fingers crossed.  The man wrote Hostel [some can’t take the gore] but to have a man that looks that good and likes to write.  Sounds perfect to me.

Looking at this list, I have a few friends that fit each reason why I picked these celebs.  Crazy.  Which celebrity friends would you like?