Super Bowl…Puppy Bowl–The Blending of Two Things I Love

I love football and puppies and Animal Planet blended them to make the cutest TV event.  I ooh-ed and aahh-ed through about two hours of television.  Last night, after I watched the Saints march over the Colts I tuned into the Puppy Bowl.  I cooed at the cutest starting line-up and chuckled at the Kitty Half show and got a Hamster View from the blimp manned by Hamsters [thankfully there’s autopilot]. 

Watching this fun  speaks to both the girly side of me that loves all things soft and fluffy.  But also my human side that loves our best friends.  Yesterday, was a Shepard Mix [with a Rott] named Carson who looked like my dog, Trouble.  My baby had a huge personality and a love for food.  Cancer took him from me and I miss him everyday.  When I watch the Puppy Bowl, that hole in me is filled, a connection is made.  After all, we evolved and thrived thanks to dogs.  I don’t anyone that has had their life impacted by an animal whether a cat or dog, bird or anything one existing out there. 

We have to treat our animals better.  So spay or neuter your animals, help out a rescue center by donating time, food and if your searching for a dog, save one.  They are our best friends [I include cats too], I think it’s time we be theirs.