Female Friday

In honor of the Haute Couture shows in Paris, I decided to honor female fashion designers.

Madame Gres


This woman invented the bias dress, which means the fabric is cut at a diagonal or 45 degree angle.  Cutting fabric that way wastes a great deal but it falls oh-so-lovely over the body.  Today the bias dress is a designer staple and when done right like John Galliano [designer for his own line as well as Dior] does, the dress is utter perfection and gossamer light.

A bias dress by Madame Gres



How many out there owned or still own anything in a hot pink?  Well you have Elsa to thank. An Italian by birth but working in Paris as many do today.  Her designs took inspiration from surreal artists since she considered herself one as well.   She had talent and dressed some of the wonderful women alive in the era between the World Wars even the Duchess of Windsor.  Elsa and Chanel were enemies.  Imagine being in a party when these two ladies entered, the tension, catty wit.  Paris must have been entertained by these two smart talented ladies.  After the war, sadly, her line closed but if it were around today, Lady Gaga to Madonna would wear her designs. 



Claire on Time


Claire is the mother of American Sportswear and most likely you are wearing or have an item that is inspired by her.  She believed in everyday relaxed dress.  Ballet slippers as everyday footwear.   Cynthia Rowley, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and Annie Sui each have been inspired by her.    How many would purchase this outfit or own something like it already? 



Edith and her Oscars

Edith Head was a costumer designer for both Paramount and Universal.  She dressed everyone from Mae West to Steve Martin.  Countless designers are inspired by her costume for flicks that starred Hollywood icons.  No doubt you’ve seen movies featuring her creations.  Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief and Bette Davis in All About Eve.  Few have that many Oscars.  I have none.

Many women fashion designers run wonderful lines, Donna Karan, Stella McCartney, Diane Von Furstenberg, one of my idols, Betsey Johnson, Carolina Herrera, Annie Sui, Sonia Reykeil, Tory Burch, and Stella McCartney.  And more will come and share their vision for what will be the modern woman.  I can’t wait to see the beautiful design and how it fits in the perception of womanhood and what it means to be a lady. 


Female Friday

Recently, I sent a request to Jackie Collins–the woman who I would like to be or good friends with–for an autograph which I received.  It currently sits in front of my computer as a boost of confidence and a reminder to plant my butt in the chair.

Anyway, the picture got me thinking about women, women in the world we admired or some of the qualities we want to possess ourselves.  So I decided that Friday is Female Friday the day when we celebrate beautiful, smart, successful, striving woman in any sections of lives.

For me the first woman is my mother.  When I told her I wanted to play baseball, she became the coach and we ended the season as Champs.  When I wanted to be a cheerleader, she helped make pom poms for our sneakers.  When I was in the hospital, she slept on the most uncomfortable chair, prisons in China have better seating that she did.  But every time I opened my eyes she was there.  Of course, she’s the top of the list.

Coco Chanel

 The woman built an international stylish legacy from meager beginnings.


                  Marilyn Monroe
Some people see her as the sexy blonde with nothing else to offer.  But she was the first woman and I believe person to have their own Production company.  Now Hollywood is filled with them.


During WWII, it was the women that held this country together and made it run.  No different as the hundreds of military wives do now.
On December 30, 2010 Geraldine Doyle,  the lady who’s photograph was used, died at 86.  But she still inspires ladies to use the strength we have.


I’ve loved her since SNL.  Her laugh is wickedly good fun and her humor is even better.  Just goes to show that women are funny too.


She’s a hard ass with heart.  Her voice, her songwriting skills and now attacking motherhood.  She shows that You have to fight for your right to party so Raise your glass.



Since the day she was born, I have been in awe of all she does and has accomplished.  People love her.  She’s smart, loves fashion and works more than any other GEN Y-er I know.  The world better watch out, she’s coming for it.  As she would say, GO BLUE!

Do you have a few woman you’d like to add?  Who and what inspires you about them?