Female Friday

Recently, I sent a request to Jackie Collins–the woman who I would like to be or good friends with–for an autograph which I received.  It currently sits in front of my computer as a boost of confidence and a reminder to plant my butt in the chair.

Anyway, the picture got me thinking about women, women in the world we admired or some of the qualities we want to possess ourselves.  So I decided that Friday is Female Friday the day when we celebrate beautiful, smart, successful, striving woman in any sections of lives.

For me the first woman is my mother.  When I told her I wanted to play baseball, she became the coach and we ended the season as Champs.  When I wanted to be a cheerleader, she helped make pom poms for our sneakers.  When I was in the hospital, she slept on the most uncomfortable chair, prisons in China have better seating that she did.  But every time I opened my eyes she was there.  Of course, she’s the top of the list.

Coco Chanel

 The woman built an international stylish legacy from meager beginnings.


                  Marilyn Monroe
Some people see her as the sexy blonde with nothing else to offer.  But she was the first woman and I believe person to have their own Production company.  Now Hollywood is filled with them.


During WWII, it was the women that held this country together and made it run.  No different as the hundreds of military wives do now.
On December 30, 2010 Geraldine Doyle,  the lady who’s photograph was used, died at 86.  But she still inspires ladies to use the strength we have.


I’ve loved her since SNL.  Her laugh is wickedly good fun and her humor is even better.  Just goes to show that women are funny too.


She’s a hard ass with heart.  Her voice, her songwriting skills and now attacking motherhood.  She shows that You have to fight for your right to party so Raise your glass.



Since the day she was born, I have been in awe of all she does and has accomplished.  People love her.  She’s smart, loves fashion and works more than any other GEN Y-er I know.  The world better watch out, she’s coming for it.  As she would say, GO BLUE!

Do you have a few woman you’d like to add?  Who and what inspires you about them?


4 thoughts on “Female Friday”

  1. I love your decision to make today Female Friday and your list is fantastic.May I suggest Lena Horne who was the picture of grace and elegance in the face of adversity? I realize there are countless other women who belong on your list but she's a personal favorite of mine 🙂


  2. Great post Mageela, I love how you flash the spotlight on so many women throughout the decades, each different and unique. And never forgetting the lesser-known women like your mom and niece, how cool.


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