Female Friday

In honor of the Haute Couture shows in Paris, I decided to honor female fashion designers.

Madame Gres


This woman invented the bias dress, which means the fabric is cut at a diagonal or 45 degree angle.  Cutting fabric that way wastes a great deal but it falls oh-so-lovely over the body.  Today the bias dress is a designer staple and when done right like John Galliano [designer for his own line as well as Dior] does, the dress is utter perfection and gossamer light.

A bias dress by Madame Gres



How many out there owned or still own anything in a hot pink?  Well you have Elsa to thank. An Italian by birth but working in Paris as many do today.  Her designs took inspiration from surreal artists since she considered herself one as well.   She had talent and dressed some of the wonderful women alive in the era between the World Wars even the Duchess of Windsor.  Elsa and Chanel were enemies.  Imagine being in a party when these two ladies entered, the tension, catty wit.  Paris must have been entertained by these two smart talented ladies.  After the war, sadly, her line closed but if it were around today, Lady Gaga to Madonna would wear her designs. 



Claire on Time


Claire is the mother of American Sportswear and most likely you are wearing or have an item that is inspired by her.  She believed in everyday relaxed dress.  Ballet slippers as everyday footwear.   Cynthia Rowley, Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and Annie Sui each have been inspired by her.    How many would purchase this outfit or own something like it already? 



Edith and her Oscars

Edith Head was a costumer designer for both Paramount and Universal.  She dressed everyone from Mae West to Steve Martin.  Countless designers are inspired by her costume for flicks that starred Hollywood icons.  No doubt you’ve seen movies featuring her creations.  Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief and Bette Davis in All About Eve.  Few have that many Oscars.  I have none.

Many women fashion designers run wonderful lines, Donna Karan, Stella McCartney, Diane Von Furstenberg, one of my idols, Betsey Johnson, Carolina Herrera, Annie Sui, Sonia Reykeil, Tory Burch, and Stella McCartney.  And more will come and share their vision for what will be the modern woman.  I can’t wait to see the beautiful design and how it fits in the perception of womanhood and what it means to be a lady. 


Happy Birthday, Virginia Woolf!

Yes, today would have been the iconic author’s birthday.  In the Books section of Huffington Post, I read this post about 59 things us reader might not have known about Virginia Woolf.  I even found that I have some things in common with her.  Some I wouldn’t want — depression and suicide just not me.

Here are the three that you might not have known about me and Virginia:

 9. Woolf was highly critical of her friends’ eating habits at the dinner table, often reproving them for eating with either too little grace or too much enthusiasm.

I too can’t stand how some people eat and I’m highly critical.  I have banished people from my table and even taken away their food because they can’t eat with their mouth closed or they shovel food in like someone is going to steal it.  Learn to eat properly, I don’t need to see you mashed up food or hear you chomping away. 

14. Woolf delighted in the physical act of writing words on paper. From the age of 11, she was continually experimenting with different kinds of pens in hope of finding one that would provide the perfect sensation.

I have hundreds of pens.  I too believe that when you hold the right pen, it can do something to the writing and paper connection.  It’s almost as if the words flow down my arm and onto paper without a conscious thought.  I love those moments.  I believe Annie Proulx writes out her entire novels by hand.  For me, though, each day, I might use a different pen because the sensation stirring up in me is different.  I wonder how she would have feel about a MAC.

21. One of the things Woolf disliked most in life was being peered at or having someone take her photograph.


I hate to have my picture taken.  I think I look horrible.  The light never falls right and casts shadows over my face that makes my nose looks big or eyes too deep or my mouth too big.  Just a bad experience.   That’s why I don’t have a lot of pics.  As for people looking at me — I can’t stand that either.  It’s as if they are intruding in on me.  My skin starts to prickle and my ears burn.  It’s just horrible.  I lower my head especially when guys look at me.  Not good.  Oh well.  My inner neurosis.  I imagine when I’m old and gray and look back at the few pics I do have, I will wish that I had enjoyed my youth more.  A lesson known now but certainly not learned.

If you are interested in reading the whole post, just click here and please if you like share you similarities.

To Be Read…Eventually

I fear that my TBR pile is growing, turning into the paper equivalent of the Blob. Some books have been on the shelf for almost three years. That doesn’t stop me from putting down cash for new ones or heading to the library for others.

I suppose I should join Books Anonymous, BA. I’m Mageela and I’m addicted to books. I become excited when I enter a bookstore or the library. So much knowledge and entertainment existing in the world that I want to soak up. There’s a quote, “Wear an old coat and buy a new book.”
That’s how I pretty much run my life 🙂

The worst is the choice that has to be made when I must decide which book to read. They are all so interesting. Each one seeming to be a shiny jewel that I chose by doing my-mother-said. Other times by the feel of the book in my hand, the sound the paper makes when I flip a page or the print or if my eyes can stare at my Nook.

The choice are difficult ones that don’t affect the world but can us, the reader. Every reader decides in their own way, how do you choose?

Female Friday

This Friday will be a dedication to Female Writers.  There are many great ladies to choose from Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Nora Roberts and Jodi Picoult to name the “Superstar gals”.  Women writers seem to rarely get the respect we deserved yet we are the majority of readers.  When Nicolas Sparks writes a love story such as The Notebook or Dear John, those aren’t considered romance yet Rachel Gibson writes See Jane Score it is.  Some might argue that those stories are different perhaps or perhaps not but that doesn’t matter.  Today, I’m recognizing those women that inspire me either through their writing, which is how I know most or through the women they are.



I love Age of Innocence and The Buccaneers.  I admit I’m not crazy about Ethan Frome but Edith Wharton is the greatest.  I read her books over again and each time, I’m swept into Old New York.  I know the next words yet I’m always thrilled by them.  I’ve felt a connection with her when I first picked up one of her books.  It was as if something came through the pages and into me, connecting me with her for forever.  She is the person I would have loved to dine with.  She is the reason why Paris is the place I want to spend my days and she decorated homes too, which is a passion of mine.  Edith was and still is a perfection for me.



Jackie Collins.  I love her and her juicy tales of Hollywood and scandal.  My whole life I’ve wanted to visit LA.  There isn’t a particular sight that I’m interested in.  All I want is to feel the sun and smell the air, or smog.  But the closest I’ve ever gotten to LA is the airport on my way to Honolulu.
What’s really great about Jackie is that she doesn’t try to be anything else.  She’s fabulous in fact she’s better than Fabulous.  She’s Jackie Collins.



Dorothy Parker was a founding member of the Algonquin Round Table and the only female included.  She had a sharp wit that it seemed just the thing to have in her age but few possessed or as I like to think, displayed.  She wrote screenplays, most notably A Star is Born.  She also wrote the line, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” She proves to be first, speak you mind and others will fall over themselves to be around you.



Everyone knows Little Women and loves it.  Most ladies vow that they’re Jo or perhaps Meg or Amy.  But for me, I would like to believe I’m a Jo but I am a Beth.  I remember being sick as a child in the hospital, looking out the window, or watching it rain and while others played outside I was stuck in-doors.  I couldn’t get wet because if I got too cold, I could get sick.  So, I was Beth.  And at least I had someone to keep me company.   And Louisa finally made me happy to be a girl when I only wanted to be like my big brother and play football.  I did too though my mother never knew.  And I could tackle the boys since I was taller than most of them.



I must admit that I’m not a Harry Potter fan.  I’ve never read the books or seen the movies.  But I must give her credit.  She was on the dole and wrote out her book on a legal pad.  J.K. never quit though there must have been people who told her otherwise.  She created a world that has entertained millions across the world.




I’m proud to say that Leanna is a friend of mine.  She’s an award winning author.  But what makes her one of my favorites is that she invites everyone into the wonderful Victorian paranormal world of hers and it weaves a spell about you so you never wish to return to everyday life.  She amazes you with her kindess, talent, and selflessness.  I suggest if you haven’t read any of her books pick up her Strangely Beautiful series or just click here.  http://www.leannareneehieber.com/

I know people are going to say Jane Austen and I agree but I just wanted to include some others.  If you think I missed someone please add to the list.

Ricky Gervais

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes but the press is all stirred up by the comments Ricky Gervais made as the host.  And Ricky said that after this broadcast, the Hollywood Foreign Press wouldn’t invite back as a host.

For me, I love Ricky Gervais.  When I first watched Office, I was captivated by the show.  I don’t watch the US version.  However, I get my Ricky Gervais fill by watching his show on HBO The Ricky Gervais Show.  I must admit I love to hear Ricky laugh that high-pitched squealing laugh.  I can’t help but join in.  But there are funny comments from Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington as well.

With the second season just an episode in, I say watch it if you want to waste time or just want to have a good laugh. 

Beginning again

I have passed GO and collected my 200 dollars and now is the time to start my new manuscript. Starting a new work can stir up many feeling–excitement, stress, impatience and worry. Right now, my mind is racing with all the possibilities that can happen between my hero and heroine. I know that it will be a happy ending but like the saying it’s not the destination but the journey. So, I’m getting my ticket ready and my bags packed and off I go to bring my characters to their final destination.

Female Friday

For the second Female Friday, I decided to honor actresses. 
After all I love a good movie.



This woman has played the Queen twice, won an Oscar, Bafta, and every other  award in the movie-sphere.  She has shocked the world by looking damn great in her red bikini.  As a writer, actors are a great tool, they bring to life words we writers toil over and she’s one that always sucks me in whether bringing a character to life or just being herself.  When I grow up, I want to be Helen Mirren.



I love this woman.  The minute I hear her voice, I’m sucked in and must listen to the words that seem to dance from her mouth.  She is perfection.  She too has played Queen Elizabeth and Victoria.  She has played Iris Murdoch and the woman who orders 007 around.  The force of her and her talent always has me in awe.

                                                               BARBRA STANWYCK


This classic Hollywood star played every role from a vixen to a single working gal who writes an article about being a homemaker.  Every role she played she never lost her feminine appeal but still possessed a steel backbone.  The men knew she wasn’t giving in and would fight for what she wants.  Growing up and watching these old blacks and whites, I promised myself to be a woman like her and a long ranging career she worked from the 1930s up till mid-1980s.  I would recommend a movie but there are so many good ones that I’ll leave that choice to you.


WOW.  That’s is all I have to say.  The woman has a range of talent that people rushed out to see Mama Mia. She had to make the cruelest choice in Sophie’s Choice, which still thinking about still rips me from the inside out at the thought.  She was a Devil who Wore Prada and made me want to have silver fox gray hair.  I look at her and think give a 100 percent at what you do and you will be the best and the world will know it. 



Sandra is the actress I would love to be friends with.  Some people didn’t like ALL ABOUT STEVE.  I loved it.  She brings her charm, grace, humor and her ability to laugh at herself.  And as a viewer, you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend.  



She came from Mexico, where she was a star but she wanted more, which she got.  She became an international Box-office star when Hollywood didn’t like her accent.  She produced the film of her heart, Frida and reintroduce the world to a great artist.  Now she’s a mother, wife and producer of movies and television and changing the face of Hollywood.



She is a star of a lifetime and not because of her talent or the way watching her dance set off a sensation of freedom in the audience.  She wanted a life that racial ignorance prevented her from attaining in the US so she went off to France and created the life she wanted.  That’s the greatest lesson of Josephine.  Be the person you want to be and you’ll find your place so it was  only natural that she helped the French Resistance during WWII and fought against Civil Rights.  She created her world and invited the rest of us to be a part of it.  


Do you have any actresses you would like to add, please do…

A Day late and more than a Dollar Short

My blog posting schedule is suppose to be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…Well guess what I only realized that today is Tuesday.  So I’m a day late and to add a kick in the butt, I couldn’t think of a topic to blog about.  One thing among many things that sucks about that is I feel out of the loop.  Days like this always make me feel as if the world is spinning around me but I’m standing still and existing in my foggy head.

With a blizzard suppose to hit the Northeast, well, I’m trying to prepare for the days that make heading out a hard task for me.  And I’m  doing the last check of a requested manuscript that should have gone out months ago but Lupus can mess up many plans for life.  I almost forgot to purchase dinner luckily I remembered before returning home then having to go back out.  Mission accomplished!  Then once back home, I’m ready to sit my butt in the chair, I spill my cup of water all over my desk that was covered with papers and my chair.   Of course, little puddles from under the papers then drip and drip like taunting waterfalls. It was a bang my head against something hard day.

So, maybe this is the world’s way of reminding me it exists and as Ferris Bueller said, “It might past me by.”  I wish it would send a tweet or even an email that would have been nicer.  I hope your day is better.

If you have a bad day you wish to share, please comment and perhaps we can make ourselves feel better with a good laugh.

Female Friday

Recently, I sent a request to Jackie Collins–the woman who I would like to be or good friends with–for an autograph which I received.  It currently sits in front of my computer as a boost of confidence and a reminder to plant my butt in the chair.

Anyway, the picture got me thinking about women, women in the world we admired or some of the qualities we want to possess ourselves.  So I decided that Friday is Female Friday the day when we celebrate beautiful, smart, successful, striving woman in any sections of lives.

For me the first woman is my mother.  When I told her I wanted to play baseball, she became the coach and we ended the season as Champs.  When I wanted to be a cheerleader, she helped make pom poms for our sneakers.  When I was in the hospital, she slept on the most uncomfortable chair, prisons in China have better seating that she did.  But every time I opened my eyes she was there.  Of course, she’s the top of the list.

Coco Chanel

 The woman built an international stylish legacy from meager beginnings.


                  Marilyn Monroe
Some people see her as the sexy blonde with nothing else to offer.  But she was the first woman and I believe person to have their own Production company.  Now Hollywood is filled with them.


During WWII, it was the women that held this country together and made it run.  No different as the hundreds of military wives do now.
On December 30, 2010 Geraldine Doyle,  the lady who’s photograph was used, died at 86.  But she still inspires ladies to use the strength we have.


I’ve loved her since SNL.  Her laugh is wickedly good fun and her humor is even better.  Just goes to show that women are funny too.


She’s a hard ass with heart.  Her voice, her songwriting skills and now attacking motherhood.  She shows that You have to fight for your right to party so Raise your glass.



Since the day she was born, I have been in awe of all she does and has accomplished.  People love her.  She’s smart, loves fashion and works more than any other GEN Y-er I know.  The world better watch out, she’s coming for it.  As she would say, GO BLUE!

Do you have a few woman you’d like to add?  Who and what inspires you about them?

Fabio was once in my Bed!

Recently, Huffington Post had an article in the Books section about book covers.  Before e-readers some people were embarrassed to pull out their romance novels with their half-naked man and woman gracing the front.  With e-readers people no longer have to deal with this.

But one thing I loved about those covers was how tacky, horrible and every other negative reaction they caused but they also caused laughs.  I have more than a few that are just horrible.  Some of the worst is where the hero is dark haired but on the cover is the blond Viking god.  Most of the eighties cover could induce vomiting but the whole decade was pretty bad.  Though I have photographic proof that I was a trend slave. 

Fabio in his Romance Cover Fabulousness

One good thing is no matter how distasteful and tacky the covers are, they are entertaining and inside those flaps exist some great romantic tales.  And that’s all a reader wants.

So if you have a few horrible covers,  please share.