Female Friday

For the second Female Friday, I decided to honor actresses. 
After all I love a good movie.



This woman has played the Queen twice, won an Oscar, Bafta, and every other  award in the movie-sphere.  She has shocked the world by looking damn great in her red bikini.  As a writer, actors are a great tool, they bring to life words we writers toil over and she’s one that always sucks me in whether bringing a character to life or just being herself.  When I grow up, I want to be Helen Mirren.



I love this woman.  The minute I hear her voice, I’m sucked in and must listen to the words that seem to dance from her mouth.  She is perfection.  She too has played Queen Elizabeth and Victoria.  She has played Iris Murdoch and the woman who orders 007 around.  The force of her and her talent always has me in awe.

                                                               BARBRA STANWYCK


This classic Hollywood star played every role from a vixen to a single working gal who writes an article about being a homemaker.  Every role she played she never lost her feminine appeal but still possessed a steel backbone.  The men knew she wasn’t giving in and would fight for what she wants.  Growing up and watching these old blacks and whites, I promised myself to be a woman like her and a long ranging career she worked from the 1930s up till mid-1980s.  I would recommend a movie but there are so many good ones that I’ll leave that choice to you.


WOW.  That’s is all I have to say.  The woman has a range of talent that people rushed out to see Mama Mia. She had to make the cruelest choice in Sophie’s Choice, which still thinking about still rips me from the inside out at the thought.  She was a Devil who Wore Prada and made me want to have silver fox gray hair.  I look at her and think give a 100 percent at what you do and you will be the best and the world will know it. 



Sandra is the actress I would love to be friends with.  Some people didn’t like ALL ABOUT STEVE.  I loved it.  She brings her charm, grace, humor and her ability to laugh at herself.  And as a viewer, you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend.  



She came from Mexico, where she was a star but she wanted more, which she got.  She became an international Box-office star when Hollywood didn’t like her accent.  She produced the film of her heart, Frida and reintroduce the world to a great artist.  Now she’s a mother, wife and producer of movies and television and changing the face of Hollywood.



She is a star of a lifetime and not because of her talent or the way watching her dance set off a sensation of freedom in the audience.  She wanted a life that racial ignorance prevented her from attaining in the US so she went off to France and created the life she wanted.  That’s the greatest lesson of Josephine.  Be the person you want to be and you’ll find your place so it was  only natural that she helped the French Resistance during WWII and fought against Civil Rights.  She created her world and invited the rest of us to be a part of it.  


Do you have any actresses you would like to add, please do…


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